Smooth remote control Slide”n”Touch by Mike Flache

Designer Mike Flache has created an innovative multi-touch remote control concept. The exclusive gadget is based on trackpad technology and allows to navigate easily through a TV menu without any key.

Stuttgart, March 2011. The puristic Slide ‘n’ Touch, created by Designer Mike Flache, is a programmable multi-touch remote control concept for aesthetically driven people. It’s made of stainless steel and aluminum. The trackpad allows to navigate easily through TV menus without any key, giving a new way to interact with what’s on the screen. Intuitively, the user can access important functions just with the thumb. The small size makes handling convenient and user-friendly.

The Slide ‘n’ Touch remote control is the first piece of the Mike Flache Personal Collection which the designer launched in 2010.

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About Mike Flache”s Personal Collection:

In the beginning of 2010, Mike Flache began developing a valuable personal collection containing a variety of products and graphic design pieces. The idea is to create things beyond daily needs-objects that stimulate our senses and reflect the elegance of simplicity.

Mike Flache’s personal collection is characterized by a puristic form language, a strong feel for the essence of things and attention to detail. Each design is manufactured in limited quantity by a collaboration partner who believes in high quality and craftsmanship.

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